People of Faith for Justice (formerly known as Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice) is an interfaith alliance promoting peace and justice for all. Focused in San Luis Obispo County, California, we believe that the inclusive love of God is the basis for promoting compassion, generosity, non-violence, and respect for diversity. We seek to influence public discourse and to enhance the quality of life through ongoing education and strategic advocacy. We work through four pillars: Economic Justice, Human and Civil Rights, Environmental Justice, and Peace and Nonviolence.

Economic Justice
We partner with other organizations working for a more equitable and just society. >>

Human and Civil Rights
Following in the steps of Martin Luther King, Jr., we believe in the dignity and equality of all people >>

Environmental Justice
Climate change and sustainability are today’s most pressing social justice issues >>

Peace and Nonviolence
Peace is more than the absence of hostilities >>

Sermon Contest

"Perspectives and Responses:
 What the Faith Community
Has to Say About
Climate Change"
For details, click on "Environmental Justice" in the left hand column on this page.
Event Scheduled
 "Is the U.S. Still a Democracy?"
Thursday, October 23
6:30 - 8:30 PM

 United Church of Christ
11245 Los Osos Valley Rd.
Presented by
 Michael S. Latner, PhD
Associate Professor,
Political Science, Cal Poly
This event is free and open
to the public.

Ranchers for Peace Concert
Sunday, Nov. 2, 3:oo pm
St. Benedict's Episcopal Church
2220 Snowy Egret Lane, Los Osos

Ranchers for Peace weave outrage and compassion into rhythm and harmony on behalf of songs of social protest.

Join them in a special live recording of their new album.

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